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Beach Hair - Part I

10 days + 3 islands + few bathing opportunities =  Shazam! Beach Hair.

 DSCN5921 copy 
Have I mentioned that I like posting unattractive photos of myself?  

Due to a mystery phenomenon known as "Chonburi Sports Days",  all schools in my province were closed for 10 days. For real. With no classes in sight, I decided to hightail it to a few random islands off of the various coasts of Thailand and hang out with some rad OEGers, too. Logistically, it wasn't a well thought out journey, so I overnighted in a lot of uncomfortable buses, but I also spent time with some crazy rad people. Can't ask for much more than that.  And yes, I just said rad. Twice.

#1 Chonburi ---> #2 Koh Chang ---> #3 Bangkok ---> #4 Koh Tao ---> #5 Koh Phi Phi


#2 Laid back on Koh Chang - It turned out that some other OEGers were headed to the Chang, so I decided to tag along for another visit to Thailand's second largest island, in hopes of a chafless experience this time (see "Because why wouldn't the bridget get washed away?").  Instead of staying at the backpacker beach with the others, I headed for the main beach, White Sand. For posterity's sake, I'm just gonna soapbox my hostel experience:

Independent Bo's - while a cool looking place to stay in a decent price range, the place was taken over by middle-aged expats who smoked pot outside my room and played [awful] house music until the wee hours of the morning. And then judged me because I chose not to partake. True story. Instead, I hung out at a placed  called Pen's Bungalows, where they played classic rock, served cold beer, and sort of "adopted" me and introduced me to all the cool kids on the block.

Music + Beer + Cool Kids = Happy Danielle. I'm really into equations these days. It's the econ classes.

To sum it up, I spent most of my time reading, lying on the beach, swimming, hanging out with friends (new and old), and eating the best tuna salad baguettes and banana shakes found thus far in Thailand.


#2 I Will Survive in Bangkok - the next stop on my journey led me to Bangkok, where I was lucky enough to be a part of OEG's New Year's party. All good Thai parties must have karoake, and it was clear that I would be performing, as well. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a singing voice, but fortunately, I was blessed with having no shame when it comes to publicly embarrassing myself. So it began. First with Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, and then June and I encored with Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

Wanting to hold each other so much. 36247_472841413785_724233785_5929976_4177477_n copy 

Me and Fiat

#3 Snorkeling and Dive Frenzy on Koh Tao -  The next thing I knew, I was on a night train down to Chumpon to board a ferry to Koh Tao. Other ultra cool Chonburi-ites were already there, diving like whoa, and the next few days were chock full of ocean play and dive certification celebrations...

Stay tuned for Beach Hair - Part II: Shenanigans on Koh Tao and scenes from "The Beach". Here's a sneak preview...




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