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5 Things to Bring with you to Ko Tao

Last weekend I was blessed with a 5-day weekend (why I don’t know, I went with it.) Anyway my friend Christine and I took the most of it and traveled south to Ko Tao for a relaxing weekend of sunsets, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pools. While down there I realized that I should have either planned ahead, or brought some stuff. So here is a list of things I wish I had brought

-More cash. Everywhere takes cash and you spend the money far quicker than you think

-A ticket home. On Sunday we were stuck at a bus station at Chumpon because we didn’t get a train ticket home. We also didn’t have enough cash for bus tickets. So, we pulled together all the money we had and begged the ticket lady to let us on a bus

= Alcohol. 2 for 1-bucket deals can be a rip off

- Advil. For the mornings…you know

- A towel. When you only have one towel for the pool/beach things get sandy and not fun!

Go to Ko Tao and thank me later. Below are some pictures #nofilter. We also stayed at the Wind Beach Resort (or maybe Beach Wind Resort?) Stay there. It’s cheap, have a pool/pool bar, diving company on site, and free breakfast.


IMG_0465 IMG_0470


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