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The Weekend Away

            Being so close to Bangkok has its perks, like having a 10 baht bus into the city center. This weekend my friend Kaley and I got a room at the Chatrium Residence Sathron for two nights because we had a long weekend. We got there on Saturday and did nothing besides go to the pool, sleep, watch HBO and get Mexican food. That’s right, Mexican food. Nothing like home, but still satisfies the craving. Sunday we also lay by the pool but then took a trip into Chinatown. I honestly felt like I was in China. There were so many people, and vendors; it was very overwhelming for a small-town girl like me. My anxiety was definitely high during the couple hours I was there, totally out of my element. But I did get some nice scarves and a cute bracelet for cheap so that was awesome.

            On Sunday night we went to the Sky Bar at Lebua (where they filmed The Hangover II.) You go for one drink because the drinks are starting at $15. After watching the sunset there we wandered around until we found a place cheap enough for us to get some beers. After getting a Singha in me, I was able to relax for a moment.

            Monday we were out by the pool till 2 then had to head back home. I was so sad that we had to leave, but I’m happy because I know I’ll be able to go there again in two weeks. And then I have no plans on leaving the hotel. The hotel had American channels, a microwave, fridge with a working freezer…they have everything I don’t have in my room. It’ll be my own little escape :)

                Now I’m back in my room in Salaya, sick with a stomach bug of sorts. I tried leaving school today but was sent to the nurse’s office where I slept next to my students. I felt weird at first, but then I saw teachers come in to take naps. It got a little less strange but whatever, it’s Thailand you go with it. If I don’t feel better tomorrow I’m gonna have to experience the hospital and I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. So pray for me ;)



P.S. Enjoy a very awkward pool photo of me below!



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