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Waiting to Leave for Thailand As Told by The Office

The time is almost here! I leave for Thailand on Sunday. What's it like waiting for that day to get here? Well...

1) The days are going slower and slower

Being a recent college graduate, having a clear schedule is a strange phenomenon to me. Of course I have had a few things to do here and there, but I have mostly had free time which makes the days drag on.

Waiting gif

2) I'm bored 97% of the time.

The other 3% of the time I'm either watching the Stanley Cup playoffs or sleeping.

Die gif

3) I packed for my trip way too early.

By early I mean literally two weeks before I leave.


4) I've had time to stress over my bank account.

So many activities to do in Thailand, so little funds.

Bankrupt gif

5) The few times I do have something to do, I don't feel like doing it.

Bored yet so, so lazy.


6) I've been doing more chores around the house than normal.

Is it to help out my parents or kill some time? One will never know.

Hero gif

7) And finally, I do research on Thailand which makes me even more excited to get there.

Celebration gif

T-Minus 3 days!!


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