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Courtney's View #5: Virgin Eyes in Bangkok

Day One

This air hangs heavy, thick and rotten sweet. Things I've never really seen, I'm seeing. Crowds of mangy dogs sprawled in garbage and shade. A woman washing her clothes in a bucket. Her house behind behind her might've been part of the landfill sized trash pile. A gray river flows. Children play laughing on remains of a detonated building, an orange tape and broken glass savannah.

Day Two

Two days, two fold comfort. Dipping and weaving through traffic thick as that sticky rice we ate. We laugh instead of yesterday's quick breaths. At the market we smile and point, exchanging pennies for Rambutan Mountains. How will we eat it all? Don't care, I love this bag of furry strawberries. It means I'm in Thailand, which means I'm trying. Trying for what, I'm not sure. To be sure though, I need to try. The market bustles on. I'm eyeing a mysterious pile of head-sized spiky fruit.




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