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Courtney's View #8: Teacha Try!

Just when I thought my students had enough of me, they eagerly presented me with a bag of mysterious pods...

"Teacha try, Teacha try!", Eye, You, March, Kempow, and Pooh Bear cried. 

I proceeded with apprehension because I had just taught a rather dry grammar point. Pooh Bear cracked open a pod to reveal a sticky brown protrusion, that looked rather turd-ish. 

I pinched off a gooey bit of the mystery-pod-innard and did not fail to notice that Eye and Kempow had whipped out their phones to snap a quick video. All five girls were giggling going on cackling. I consumed the pod-goo anyway and instead of dying, my tongue was blasted with a fit of tangy and sweet flavors. "Makhon Teachah Makhon!", March said. "Makhon is awesome!", I replied.

Later I discovered that Makhon is Tamarind, a thing I had only ever seen accompanying the desciption of ritzy salad dressings...

Tamarind aside, it was just really nice to sit in those cramped wooden desks and be a student to my students.

Below: Tamarind!



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