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The One Where I Apologize To Every Teacher I've Ever Had

  • I am so sorry for all the times I talked while you were talking.
  • I am so sorry for the times I used my cell phone while you were teaching a lesson and then raised my hand and said I didn't understand the topic you were trying to teach.
  • I am so sorry for not doing my homework or not reading the material.
  • I am so sorry for being a pain in the ass in general.

     I say all these things because oh how the tables have turned.

    So it turns out, teaching is really effing hard. Lesson planning is super frustrating and time-consuming and NOT FUN no matter what people think. Meetings, grading papers, keeping track of pens, managing a classroom are all things that come with the territory of teaching and all drive me insane.

    This job is even harder when you add in the fact that we do not speak their native language so if they don't understand something they can't even really tell you why they don't understand it or what exactly they don't understand.

    It's probably important to mention that I have taught before, lots of different things to all different ages but this is another level of teaching that I never knew I was capable of doing.

    So you're probably wondering right now if I hate it here and if I'm regretting this at all and the answer is: not one bit. Somedays are harder than others but when a kid says they learned something from your lesson or draws you a picture or smiles and waves excitedly when they see you... That's the good stuff that makes this job so cool.

    The main thing I've learned is that my teachers are all good people for dealing with teenage pain in the asses like myself without losing their shit on a daily basis. Love you all.

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