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The New Normal

Hello everyone!
I’m a little late to the (blogging) party, but my name is Ali and I am originally from Colorado. Here in Thailand I reside in Bang Khae and teach
kindergarten (K3) students! Without further ado, I’m excited to share my experiences on this little corner of the Internet.
As I start my fourth (wwwhhhaaatttt) week of teaching in Thailand, I’m still searching for the right
word or the right phrase to describe my time here so far. The more I think about this, the more I realize there just isn’t one word or one phrase to describe
this country or this experience. In a single day I experience endless feelings. I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the physical
beauty of this country. Interested in the Thai culture, cuisine, and the language.
Encouraged in my teaching by family, friends (new and old), coworkers, and the occasional
7 eleven clerk or taxi driver.
(Working to not be so) frustrated by the difficulty of everyday tasks. Challenged by the
language barrier.
Tired from teaching (the most adorable) 5 & 6 years olds. Gaining an appreciation for Thai
time and the go with-the-flow lifestyle here. Amazed by the people I have met and get
to share this adventure with. Excited to do and see all that Thailand
has to offer. Overjoyed by the love of my students. Impressed by them and their
learning abilities. Continually pinching myself that I actually live and work here! To commemorate my first month here, these are a few of my favorite adventures thus far:
Blog Post
Exploring the streets of Bangkok during orientation week. Wandering through endless
markets and meeting people who also packed up their lives and started this adventure.Blog Post-1
Visiting the Grand Palace...a fan favorite for everyone involved in CIEE orientation.
This is one of my first recommendations to friends and family traveling here. Blog Post-2
Dinner on the boat cruise through Kanchanaburi. Don’t get me wrong the ant infestation in my
room that night will always be a great memory too...but this was incredible!
Blog Post-3

Blog Post-4
A weekend trip to Pattaya. Visited Koh Larn Island and the Sanctuary of Truth. Blog Post-5
Enjoying the cooler temps and endless scenery while riding motorbikes (sorry mom) through
Lai National Park. (Good news: you can be accident prone and uncoordinated
and still survive!)

Blog Post-5 Last but certainly not least, wine tasting at the largest winery in Asia: PB Valley in Khao Yai.

Until next time!

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